Client Success Stories and Testimonials

Through great appreciation, many of my clients have sent thank-you notes and personal testimonials.  Here is just a sample from the hundreds success stories and that have been experienced over the past 20 years: 

Client Spotlight: Mark Oliver 
Mark started training with me back in October of 2007. He started modestly with two sessions a week together. It wasn't long before he was noticing the benefits of personal training and he doubled his weekly appointments to 4 times a week. Through the course of his training, Mark dropped over 40 pounds of body fat and lost over 6 inches from his waist line ALL INSIDE OF 3 MONTHS! This was done ON TOP OF increasing his strength ten-fold! And Mark wasn't done! He continued to take his physique, performance, and health to new levels!
Cutting Edge Personal Training Client Before
Cutting Edge Personal Training Client After
Mark Before
Mark After!
Cutting Edge Personal Training Client at Work
Mark at Work!
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Cutting Edge Personal Training Client At Work
Here's Workout Joe after 12 Weeks with Cutting Edge: One Chin, No Belly, and Perfect Health!
CT Personal Trainer, Jim Cipriani, and Client
Here I am with one of my hardest working clients, Linda C.
Before working with TN's Best Personal Trainer
Pre Cutting Edge Personal Training in TN
The Progression of Nathanial Kelly: Here is Nate Before
"After" Nate: The Ultimate Success Story
Pre Cutting Edge Personal Training in CT
Client Success Story from Cutting Edge Personal Training in CT
Client Success Story from Cutting Edge Personal Training in CT
Stephanie Pre-Cutting Edge Personal Training
Stephanie After Cutting Edge Personal Training.  Looking Lean, Muscular, Sexy, and Feminine!
Longtime Connecticut Personal Training Client
Client of Cutting Edge Personal Training in CT
Lisa Sulliman: 14 plus years with Cutting Edge and still going! She truly has made this part of her lifestyle...and it shows. 57 years old with a pace maker. Can you tell? 
Unhealthy Client Prior to Joing Cutting Edge Personal Training of CT
Here's Business Joe Pre-Cutting Edge: Double Chin, High Blood Pressure, and a Belly that hung over his belt.
Personal training client conquers the Warrior Dash wall
Cutting Edge Personal Training Super-Client, Stephanie Brookshire, competing in her 1st Warrior Dash...with ease!
James Cipriani
Cutting Edge Personal Training
Cutting Edge Personal Training Client after a great workout
Here is how Phil commonly looked when we first started working out. Very few can say they work harder than Phil!
Before Personal Training
After working with Nashville Personal Trainer
After Personal Training, she now enjoys an active life
Janine Before
Janine After
Janine now leads a very active life!
Cathy Cassidy looking young, athletic...and happy!
Doing curls with TN's best personal training service
Shoulder Press with TN's best personal training service
Cutting Edge Personal Training client shows off figure trophies
Cutting Edge Personal Training client, Nate Kelly

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Personal Trainer Nashville
Personal Trainer Nashville
Client Spotlight: Vicki Harden-Taylor
When Vicki first contacted me, she was what I would call a "fitness enthusiast". Her training endeavors started with some haphazard workouts that she did on her own...but it was enough for her to catch the workout "bug". After getting her on a clear cut path, it wasn't long before it was becoming apparent that this little lady was something special. The intensity that Vicki brings to a session is by far at the highest bar possible. I don't think I could hang with her on a daily basis. She is a true blood, sweat, and tears type of individual. In fact, she is one of only a handful of ladies that has sat in front of me over the last 20 years and said to me "I want A LOT MORE muscle!" After a year together, her body really transformed before our eyes. And at almost 50 years old, Vicki did her first figure competition. This journey has just begun for her. If she keeps it going, I have no doubt you'll be seeing Vicki in some fitness magazines and websites very, very soon.
Client Spotlight: Nate Kelly
Nate started the process of trying to lose weight just like many others do...on his own. Roughing through some trial and error with mild progress, he soon noticed that it was a path that would best being taken under professional guidance. Nate contacted me with some pretty lofty goals. At first I was skeptical. Without knowing much about who he was and how his work ethic would be, it felt like he was aiming for the Sun before even hitting the Moon. But Nate put his nose to the grindstone and lost almost 40 lbs inside of 9 weeks. In fact, that hard work, commitment and dedication ultimately led Nate towards his very first bodybuilding competition. Needless to say, everything about Nate really impressed me. Since then, Nate has competed in a few bodybuilding shows, ultimately place very high, and has also gone on to become a great personal trainer. 
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Client Spotlight: Stephanie Brookshire 
Stephanie completed her first Warrior Dash on September 23, 2012. Here is what she had to say: "It was a blast!! The obstacles were my favorite part! I felt SO strong going through them and I say proudly that I didn't miss one! They were definitely a challenge but I seriously did each one with ease. Jim I did so good!! Wish you could have seen me. I could not have done this race 5 months ago and accomplish what I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the training you have pushed me through over the past months! I feel I truly put my body to the test and passed this weekend. I owe so much thanks to you as my trainer, your knowledge, your support and how you pushed me in the gym this summer. Only gets me more excited to see how far you can push me this winter because I am ready to go bigger, stronger and stricter!" Very few work harder than Stephanie. She will forever be one of my most favorite people to work with :)
"I have been working with Jim for almost a year. It sounds cliche to say he has changed my life, but I don't have a better way to summarize it. I am 45 years old and was a size 10 when I started with Cutting Edge. Now, I am a size 0, I am strong AND I wear a bikini (a combination I never thought possible!). Although he has many clients, you always feel like you are the only one. He is an endless fountain of positive energy and useful information. And yet, as tough as he is on the gym floor, I have met few people in my life who have a heart half as big as Jim's. He is kind, and true, and gentle, and caring. And knowing him has enriched my life beyond measure. I feel very lucky to have Jim in my corner. The results have been way behind anything I could have imagined for myself, not just physically, but emotionally too. I can't wait to see what is next!" - Janine G.
Client Spotlight: Stephanie O'Donnell
Stephanie is a rare mixture of brains, beauty, and all out grit. After being an elite Division 1 athlete for so many years, her competitive side was itching for something new. That is when Stephanie contacted me for help in getting ready for her first bikini competition. After working with Steph for a bit, it was apparent that she had an intensity and focus to her that most people would kill to have. Stephanie's commitment had her traveling almost 2 hours round trip to train with me 3 times a week on top of getting in multiple days of training in between on her own....all this while working 3rd shift as an ER nurse (with some 12 hour shifts thrown in each week). We made quite the team! And Stephanie loved it so much she ended up being a referral machine. There didn't seem like a month would go by without someone coming to me for training that Stephanie had sent. She is a true gem to work with and will always be considered one of the Cutting Edge Hall of Fame!
"I have been a client of Jim and Cutting Edge Personal Training for over 14 months now. I cannot even express how much it has changed me, both physically and mentally. While I've always been "in shape" and exercised, I've never been in the shape I am now. Jim has guided me through a body transformation I never thought possible. Getting "older" (I hate saying that) found my body not responding to my exercise routine (middle age spread, ugh) and I was not quite willing to give up some of my favorite my glass of wine with dinner. But through working with Jim, I've found a balance that works so well I've found myself addicted to it. I've always been intimidated by the weights in the gym, mostly from lack of knowledge, and would avoid them. Now I look forward to using them. My body shape has transformed so much that I am always getting compliments from friends, family and even some people who don't even know me! I have an endurance I've never experienced before and almost a "NEED" to get my workouts in. 

I look forward to my workouts with Jim, they are always challenging, with just the right amount of seriousness and fun mixed in. He has taught me technique, nutrition and balance. I still get to enjoy my cheat meals, but have found a way to keep it all in balance, while seeing results I've never seen before. Thanks, Jim , you truly are the best! - Cathy Cassidy
Client Spotlight: Lisa Sulliman
Lisa first came to me back in 1997. After years of running for 2 hours a day, and with the magic age of 40 around the corner, she knew she needed something more. Enter Cutting Edge Personal Training. Lisa has been one of my most consistent clients ever since. For the past 14 plus years, she has been coming to me 3 x a week with very few days missed. In fact, she was the very first Overall Champion of the 12-Week Cutting Edge Body Transformation Contest. She continues to fight the fight, battling the aging process and continuing to better her health. You would never know she has a pace maker ( read that correctly). Even as she closes out her 57th year of life, she still looks pretty damn good.  
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"Through properly training with Jim, I feel positive and believe I can overcome any challenges both in the gym and with my Diabetes. It has created a sense of motivation within me that keeps me focused and on track which in-turn has now become my daily routine of improving upon myself. Remaining in control of my Diabetes while expanding upon my workouts is a great success for me! It gives me confidence that I am in control of my is not in control of me. Being a client of Cutting Edge Personal Training has helped me to attain my ultimate goal of remaining free of Diabetic complications and allowing me to enjoy time with family and friends." - Linda Coyle

"When I started training with you, my waist immediately went down 2 sizes and my core and body strength ended up better than they were when I was in my 20's. After my initial series of sessions, I quickly realized this was just the beginning for me. The more I saw my body change and the better I felt, the more I wanted! Through your guidance and motivation not only have I met and surpassed some physical and mental milestones that had been roadblocks for the last 20 years, but I am now able to raise the bar for my continued growth and development. Quite frankly...It’s saved my life!!" - Joe Solicito

"James is by far the best of the best in this area and beyond! The enthusiasm he brings to every session is contagious and he truly embodies good health. After running several half-marathons and 2 full marathons I was interested in a new challenge....and this is exactly what I got! Each session I attend with James is personalized to match my specific goals and capabilities and I am pushed beyond my perceived “limits”. I started noticing changes in my body in a few weeks and continue to be surprised by my own strength! James places a high value on correct form and keeps himself well informed to the latest fitness trends. He certainly goes above and beyond his commitment to his clients through social media, emails, and just being open to listening. He empowers everyone around him to do their personal best. As I embark on my 3rd marathon I have the confidence that I will set a new personal record! I certainly give James my highest recommendation!" - Stephanie R., Sherman, CT

"The impact of your guidance, skills and knowledge on the quality of my life has been so enormous and so transforming, I wouldn't dream of not working with you and I shudder to think of what my mobility, flexibility and strength would be like without those sessions. There are a whole host of physical benefits, which are known, measurable and crucial. You feel so much better and energetic so there is an array of longer term attitudinal and psychological benefits (not just the short-term rush you get after exercise). But what is really important and something to think about at my age (70-plus) is what didn't happen. I didn't lose my balance carrying a package. I didn't hurt myself doing something, I didn't get into an accident because I couldn't twist around to look at the traffic. I have avoided injuries and reduced the risks of just living and that is worth a lot. That is hard to quantify but being able to stay in the race and continue to compete is worth it all just by itself. Working with you is one of the best investments I have ever made. So you are stuck with me -- you are going to have to fire me." - Brian F., Washington, CT

"Hey buddy, I saw my cardiologist today and he said my numbers are all back to normal and that he has never seem me healthier!!!!! I can't tell you how gratifying and rewarding it was to hear those words!!! There is no question in my mind that the medical results are a direct correlation to the decision my wife and I made to start working with you. My wife has always been healthy and always looks great, she just wanted to tighten up her workouts which you have clearly done for her as she's stronger then I've ever seen her, and by the way her constant back issues have subsided dramatically. I on the other hand, got a bit lazy and what I would call sloppy, and once we committed to making you a part of our lifestyle that has dramatically changed and is evidenced in the medical reports I'm receiving and the way I look and feel. I've always read and you have told me numerous times that working out can have a profound effect on ones life and although I intuitively knew that, it's AWESOME to actually see it!! I thought it was important that you knew how much we truly enjoy training with you and have been so impressed by your professionalism and the way you truly care about us and our goals. We are excited everyday we train and are so grateful that you are now part of our lives!! Thanks Jim!!!!!" - Phil & Jill Fiore - Bridgewater, CT

"Jim, A very serious illness prompted me to train with you and to learn to live a healthier life-style. Maybe it's just a coincidence that I am still alive long past my prognosis.....maybe not. Saying "thank you" will never be enough." - Jim L., New Milford

“Jim, you are a very devoted, enthusiastic, and conscientious trainer. You are always ready with a smile and ready to push me to my maximum capability. And I impressed with your full knowledge of all important aspects of health and fitness (free weights, machines, muscle groups, supplements, nutrition, etc.). After working with you, Jim, exercise has become a daily routine and an essential part of my life. - Tracie C., Brookfield

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“Most of us have good intentions when it comes to physical fitness, but we do not see them through….whether it is diet or exercise. I have found that the discipline of our training appointments and the program of nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training you developed for me has enabled me to achieve goals that I had previously found impossible:
Weight loss well over 60 pounds
Elimination of blood pressure and cholesterol medication
Increased Stamina
Strength increase on average of over 300%
Besides the obvious physical differences my time with you has brought, I now have a better understanding of the connection between one‘s physical and mental health and wish I had started sooner!" - Julie S., Sandy Hook

“After having four children, I thought I could never lose the excess body fat I acquired during my pregnancy. Thanks to you, Jim, I am more physically fit than I have ever been.” - Iris B., Brookfield

“Training with you has provided me with the ability to lift heavier and work harder than I would if I was working out by myself. It has increased my self confidence knowing that I can do something I never thought I was capable of doing. It has kept me on a good path of constantly working out every week even if I only lift weights for two days and do cardio for two days it is better than being sedentary. You have taught me how important proper form is. Working with you has improved my tennis game in that I feel stronger and able to compete with women who are a level above me. I also like getting information about diet and what I should be eating and when.”- Deb T., Brookfield

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"I think you're phenomenal! And I hardly use that word for anyone. You're more than a personal trainer with the passion that is involved in what you do and how you guide people (mentally and physically) you're more like a "Life Coach"! I absolutely respect and admire that greatly!! Thanks for being the best at what you do!!" -  Jenny B., New Fairfield, CT

“Being a College Hockey Referee as well as a Minor League Pro Linesman I must be in top physical form. Recognizing specific fitness objectives, you have regularly designed real time fitness programs designed to meet the high end demands of officiating pro/college ice hockey. However, our training doesn’t end with the hour of personal training. Your constant care and attention to providing vital diet/nutrition direction and information which gives me the ability to make informed decisions is immeasurable. You are an educator and have broken down the barriers in order to understand the “whys and how comes.” This has been essential to the learning process which puts any trainee in the position of “learning for a lifetime.” You lead by example and are an extremely good listener, as well. This quality combined with your leading edge technical expertise puts you in a class by yourself! In addition, the by product of training with you for over 10 years is the self confidence realized from the significant progress achieved over time which carries over into both my personal and professional lives. These accomplishments have proven to be invaluable as is the client relationship/friendship.”  - Chuck W., Ridgefield

"I trust you're expertise and I love what you put together...I have to say that I'm running stronger and in advanced yoga my core really kicked in like never is sooo much stronger........thx looking forward to my next phase of workouts...Chuck was right you are the best!!!" - Margit W. (Chuck W's Wife!)

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"Having Jim as my personal trainer was the best decision I ever made. I wanted to invest in myself by making life style changes and he helped me get there. He is very professional, caring, knowledgeable and he made weight training fun.

I would highly recommend Jim if you are looking for an excellent trainer." - Brenda Gregori, Nashville, TN (Check out her RESULTS below)
Client Spotlight: Leticia Mendoza
Lety is one our proud who serves our country. She also serves her family...ultimately letting her own health slide in the process. It wasn't long before we found a way to balance taking care of herself and everyone else around her. She not only regained her fitness, but regained her health and happiness. And the better she is for herself, the better she has been for everyone else. Check out her progress below.