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Best Personal Trainer Nashville, Jim Cipriani
Jim's Mission
CUTTING EDGE PERSONAL TRAINING is dedicated to the continued INSPIRATION, EDUCATION, and EMPOWERMENT of both the noncompetitive and competitive fitness enthusiast.  It is my mission to improve the quality of everyone’s training and physique transformation with endless motivation. 

Through unmatched dedication and effort, CUTTING EDGE PERSONAL TRAINING is committed to introducing to the fitness community new, effective, and "state-of-the-art" training programs. Programs that are backed by science and based on the concept of enhancing one's physical appearance, performance, and overall health and wellness. 

CUTTING EDGE PERSONAL TRAINING is committed to staying ahead of the competition by designing all of our training, nutrition, and supplement programs around the most recent scientific advancements. We are completely dedicated to medically supported research as the backbone in enhancing athletic performance, metabolic function and promoting optimum health and well being. 

CUTTING EDGE PERSONAL TRAINING  will continue to supply credible information on the proper use of exercise, nutrition, and nutritional supplements as a way to intensify the performance level of every individual. Void of hype and self serving propaganda, CUTTING EDGE is committed to each and every client and the endeavors they pursue.
The Cutting Edge Personal Training Vision
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