Are You Ready to Jump-Start Your Fitness?

Personal Training is the key to optimal physical success. My personal training services go beyond traditional personal training...because you deserve the very best. 

Getting Started...Step 1

Your first step is to make the mental commitment to improve your body and your health. The desire has to be there before any action can take place.  If you're tired of:

  • feeling overweight, 
  • lacking energy, 
  • feeling weak, or 
  • living with poor self-esteem 

AND you're ready for a change NOW...than this is for you!  

Even if you have been working out but realize there is a better, more efficient, highly result-producing way that you haven't been getting on your own...than this is for you!  

Once this mental commitment is there, it's time to contact me for your FREE Fitness Trial Package.

Get Your FREE Consultation PLUS a 1-Hour Training Session!

Step 2: The Consultation

The initial consultation will be 30-60 minutes in length and consists of discussing what your goals are, your  personalized success plan that will get you there, and assessing your fitness level. On top of the readily usable information that you receive during the consultation, you will also receive a copy or the Cutting Edge Fitness Packet which contains excerpts from my Rx-CHANGE Program covering such topics as "Supportive Eating". The information given to you in the consultation alone will give you the tools to eat healthy, create positive exercise habits, lose unwanted fat, and become fit from all levels. You will leave this session empowered with the beginning steps to makeover your body and health.

FREE TRIAL: Consultation PLUS a 1-Hour Training Session!

Step 3: The FREE 1-Hour Training Session

I consider Cutting Edge to be the Cadillac of all personal training services. And just as if you were purchasing a nice new Caddy, you'll want to take Cutting Edge for a test drive. So after the initial consultation we'll schedule a time for you to come in and sample what a real training session with a trainer that is tops in his field is really like.  It's the information from the consultation that enables me to design a program tailor-made to your specific needs, goals, and capabilities.  It's the training session where we put it into action. 

I can say with full confidence that after you sample a one-on-one training session with me, you will see just how valuable of a service this is. And it will become very apparent just how much one-on-one personal training can add to your life.  

A new body. A new health. A new self-confidence. A new happiness. A new you. 

Get Your FREE Fitness Consultation & 1 FREE Training Session!

1.  FREE Consultation
2.  New Client Success Packet
3.  Custom Exercise Prescription
4.  Diet Analysis & Individual              menu planning
5.  Lose 8-16 pounds in your first        Series!
6.  Learn Proper Form from the 
     "Exercise Excellence of                  Execution"
7.  The Increased Motivation and        Drive to Train Harder and              Smarter
8.  Get Stronger, Firmer, and Drop      Inches Fast!!!
9.  Weekly Accountability
10. Strategies to Eliminate Stress
11. Progress Reports
12. Private and Small Group                 Programs
13. Unlimited All-Day Support
14. Membership to a Fully                   Equipped Health Club to use           anytime you want
15. A Coach, Guide, Partner, and         Friend in Health & Fitness

Plus, I GUARANTEE Your Results!

Contact me today to be my next success story!
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