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How I Got My Bodybuilding Body Back
Drug-Free...and in Less Than 4 Months

The feelings I used to get when I would walk away from a bodybuilding contest with a huge trophy were great! Heck…over the years I had worked long and hard and I was extremely proud of my what I had accomplished during my time competing in some major drug-tested contests (1st place Junior Mr. CT, 3 x 2nd place Mr. CT short class, 3rd place light heavy-weight Mr. Empire State, 3rd place middleweight Natural Northern USAs, etc).

But that was a long time ago. And somewhere I let it go. I let the bodybuilding lifestyle escape me for a life filled with a lot of what’s trendy on the internet. My training became more performance oriented and “functional” and I let my time tested way of eating go for experimenting with things like intermittent fasting, bullet proof coffees, and paleo like dieting. Some of why I let it go was out of exhaustion and being burnt out. Some of it was out of boredom. Some of it was because of a couple of injuries I had experienced that left me frustrated. Some of it was because I let some outside variables in my life dictate and breakdown the structure that I was used to.

And let me tell you…my physique showed it.

To the average person, sure, I looked great. But it wasn’t the same. I knew it. Those that remember what I used to do knew it. Even my father in-law saw a picture of me when I won the Mr. CT and asked “what happened?” Now granted, he doesn’t know anything about the sport of bodybuilding and doesn’t realize that competitors don’t walk around in contest shape all the time. But regardless, I WASN’T the same. And that comment really hit home.

But something happened this year. I had a rebirth and in a very short time, I’ve been able to get my body back to what it used to be. And I was able to do so in a very short period of time. Inside of 4 months, I’ve got myself back to what would be considered VERY good pre-contest prep condition. Yes, getting muscle BACK is faster than getting it in the first place. BUT, when you consider that I have added so much quality mass and dropped my body-fat so much lower without any steroids or illegal drugs - - and I have done so while in my mid-40s, when most people are starting to fight the aging and muscle degeneration process - - this body transformation blew my mind!

Adding so much muscle at the same time as I was dropping so much body-fat was a very pleasant surprise. Not because I wasn’t working hard for it. But because in the past few years I had focused more on the loss of fat (or, at the very least, the non-accumulation of fat) through my training and diet and did so with a moderate amount of success. Because of the softer look I had acquired, I had changed my training to a more “density” style that was based on performance on “function”. I had changed my diet to include less calories and almost no carbs. As structured as it may have seemed to the average person looking from the outside in, it all felt very relaxed compared to what I used to do. And I wasn’t overly ecstatic with the outcome.

With my rebirth in attitude and desire for bodybuilding, I now was focused less on performance and “function” in my training and more on pure hypertrophy and gaining muscle back. With my nutrition, I actually started eating more and eating more often while really jacking up the protein intake. Because my focus was no longer on fat loss and more on gaining muscle, I was not looking for, thinking about, or expecting to see a tremendous drop in body-fat. OH BOY, was I more than wrong!

As my body started to transform, I could feel myself starting to think about competing again. Now, truth be told, that thought is only fueled by 20% desire to actually do so. But just because 80% of me has no desire to get on stage again and flex what I’ve got doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely love bodybuilding. And there are a lot of you that are just like me out there. The truth of the matter is that most of us who train will never enter a bodybuilding contest. But you love bodybuilding nonetheless. You are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. You like earning that feeling of accomplishment. And you like developing the discipline and mental toughness that training in the gym adds to your regular life.

Winning a bunch of trophies was great. But my true passion is adding to others lives. I learned a long time ago that the best contribution that I can make is to tell you EVERYTHING I know about training. And now that I’m on this current path, I am motivated to teach you how to

Pack on the MOST high-quality muscle, 
Do so in the SHORTEST amount of time, and 
Do so in the MOST EFFICIENT ways possible.

Are you with me?

"I now was focused less on performance and “function” in my training and more on pure hypertrophy and gaining muscle back. With my nutrition, I actually started eating more and eating more often while really jacking up the protein intake. Because my focus was no longer on fat loss and more on gaining muscle, I was not looking for, thinking about, or expecting to see a tremendous drop in body-fat. OH BOY, was I more than wrong!"

Good! Then follow me through this series of articles because that is EXACTLY what I plan to deliver.

Over the next few articles, I’m going to share with you the 10 VERY BEST STRATEGIES that have enabled me to regain my body, do so drug-free, and do it so quickly. And although I’m very ecstatic at where my current condition is, as I write this series of articles my plan is to only get better…meaning that I’ll have even more to share along the way. You all will benefit from my experiences. 

Many of my colleagues in the industry think I’m crazy to give away such valuable information and proven techniques without charging for it. I’ve always been more than happy to share my experiences with others. If you haven’t already, browse through the desktop version of my website: www.jimcipriani.com. You will see that I’ve always offered a tremendous amount of information related to health, fitness, and body transformations. If you were to read all of the pages of information on there, you’d be sitting at your computer for literally hours.

Being a great body transformation coach is what I love. Being a great teacher of fitness is my passion. For me, helping others succeed in their efforts is what makes it all so very fulfilling...way more rewarding than any bodybuilding title or trophy.
I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that building a great body is a 24-hour a day project…from how you train, to how you eat, to how you recover. And the more that you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. For over a decade, it was my obsession. And that obsession has been reborn. That obsession being to learn the best way to pack on muscle - - and to do so without the use of anabolic steroids or other physique-enhancing drugs. I feel tremendously qualified to be a service to you and your efforts in transforming your body.

So…just exactly how was I able to transform my body in such a short period of time?

Well…you’ll have to wait until the next article.

Coming up…the Top 10 strategies I’ve recently re-implemented that have had the biggest impact on my body transformation. 

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