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Increase Your Workout Intensity 
for Better Results

​Have you ever vomited during a workout?

I have. And I've gotten queasy countless times.

Don't stop reading yet. I'm not advocating this or saying that blowing chunks is a prerequisite to having a good workout. But truth be told, it's not uncommon for the body to react this way to extreme physical demands. Especially after a high intensity leg day.

Funny part of this whole thing? Afterwards I feel great. Yep. I said it. It's more mental than physical. Ok...its a little physical. Regardless...I feel GREAT.

I know this sounds strange. And I admit it...it is. So why do I, in a roundabout sort of way, enjoy this feeling?

I enjoy that feeling after a workout that is so challenging that my body responds with a feeling of shock . It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel tough. It is proof of the intensity of my workout.

No, this is not a common nor an accepted view. But to me, training hard is the only way. It just feels right. Most of my clients train hard, too...though I try really hard NOT to push them to the point of vomiting. :) 

"Training hard" is a relative term. Hard for one of my clients will be a different level of hard for another. But to each one, the internal intensity feels the same. My goal is to get each and every one of them to push hard, trying to get more out of themselves than their bodies want to give..

Cutting Edge Personal Training programs are designed to be executed with purpose and intensity.

Intensity Defined

By definition, intensity in the weight room is proportional to the percentage of the weights being lifted relative to your 1-Rep Max.

Although this definition makes for a good starting point, its a little incomplete to me. For me, the true definition comes from answering this question...

How hard are you actually working?

Training is hard. Especially when it comes to body transformations and/or performance enhancement. It's supposed to be hard. For me, its the "hard" that makes it great!

At Cutting Edge, it's my job to come up with an intelligent program design, and then get my clients to execute that program with intensity. I provide all the right knowledge and they apply it with gut-wrenching force.

So how do you know if you are training with intensity? 

My answer...You'll know. That's it. I can't articulate what pushing to the brink really feels like. You'll just know when you're there. And again...that "brink" is a relative term.

The rules for training with intensity:

  • Be obsessed with your training during your session. 
  • Focus exclusively on your program, for 30 minutes, or 45, or 60 minutes, or however long your workout is. 
  • Leave all the other shit at the door. Forget your problems. Forget your worries. Forget your fears. Forget your limits. Don't think about work or schoole. 
  • Push until you're uncomfortable. Then push a little more.

The best training program in the world is absolutely worthless without the will to execute it properly, consistently, and with intensity.

Of course, neither that queasy feeling that I was talking about nor vomiting is necessary. But feeling uncomfortable is. Discomfort by itself is NOT indicative of progress. But it IS usually a prerequisite of hard work. And working harder is the path towards faster progress.

So get out of your comfort zone when you hit the gym. And become completely obsessed with the progress you're going to make. Push to what you think your limit is. Then push a little harder.

When your body pushes back, you'll start to see the progress you so desire.

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