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​Why I Don't Use Cookie Cutter Programs

Ready for some Cutting Edge Training philosophy?

Cookie-cutter programs are mediocre at best. 

They are okay if you just want to put in your workout time without thinking too much. They are okay if you are shooting for an average physique that performs on par. 

If that is your thing, then YES, don’t worry about investing into a personalized program. Save your money!

But if you want to take your body beyond average...If you want to perform at your highest levels...


The idea that one program can fit EVERYONE is ludicrous!

Problems with Cookie Cutter Programs include:

  • You are not physically evaluated for strengths and imbalances
  • Your age is not accounted for
  • Your workout history is not factored in
  • Your individual recovery ability gets zero consideration
  • Your health and injury history has no baring on the exercise prescription
  • Your total equipment availability is unknown by the author  

And this is just a few of the problems off the top of my head. These one-size fits all plans may look good on paper...but they may end up hurting your progress and even cause you problems.

The Cutting Edge Approach

Before I even decide to take on a client into my 1-on-1 programs, I make sure to capture some crucial information right up front in the free, sit-down consultation. This information becomes a vital base towards their personal workout design. Answers to questions such as:

  • What is the PRIMARY goal? Lose fat? Gain muscle? Performance?
  • Height, weight, body fat percentage?
  • Any injuries? Past or present?
  • Any exercises that cannot be performed? Why?
  • Have they worked with a personal trainer in the past? What were results?
  • When were they in the best shape and what was their lifestyle at the time?
  • What days are they available AND willing to train?
  • What is their current daily schedule like?


What I do NOT do is use some bullshit "template-based" coaching where all of my clients end up getting pretty much the same workout and the only unique thing about the program is the name on the top of the sheet! Hell no!

With Cutting Edge, I prescribe the workout -- every single phase, as long as as a client is with me, PERSONALIZED to them. And these variables that are customized to each client individually can be the difference between seeing and feeling results in 4 months versus 4 years.

Which would you prefer?

Come in for a FREE Consultation

If you aren’t yet one of my clients, then take this opportunity to do something wonderful for yourself. Contact me today to get started on the most effective fitness program that you’ll ever find. (Time slot availability is extremely limited).

Be sure to check out all my training and diet tips on the Cutting Edge Facebook Page. You don't want to miss out! You'll find that you learn a lot. I post daily!
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This CT Personal Trainer doesn't use cookie cutter programs