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​Supplements Scams

I got sucked into the supplement trap at a very early age. Check out this timeline...

  • I started lifting weights at the age of 15 for football. It wasn't long before I noticed these little bumps starting to develop on my body called muscles.
  • Since my body responded to training so quickly and having a brother that was actively competing in bodybuilding, my obsession with the sport started to develop. I remember tucking a Muscle & Fitness magazine into my text book and thumbing through the pages during my History class. I was in awe of pro bodybodybuilder Lee Labrada at the time and he was on the cover of this particular issue. While everyone else was learning about Carpet Baggers, I was trying to figure out how, someday, I could be the next Lee Labrada.
  • Steroids were not highly publicized back in 1987. If you weren't into bodybuilding or strength sports, very few people knew much about them. My brother was adamant about being drug-free as using steroids was against the law. This influenced me to follow in that same path.

Let's add this up...

Teenager wanting to get as muscular as possible as fast as possible + a teenager that won't use steroids = a sucker for the supplement industry.

Right when all of this destructive musclehead arithmetic formula was coming together, I had a slew of guys older than me that I became friends with that were very much into bodybuilding and lifting weights and a few of them worked in a supplement store that just opened up in the Danbury Mall (the mall was only a year old at the time). They used to hook me up! Now that I look back, they were like my Napster of supplements. I never paid much, if anything. Yes...not very ethical or moral. I wouldn't do it now. At the time, I was a teenager with very little money and a desire to get big. It didn't feel like stealing since my friends working behind the counter were giving it to me. But let's be honest...it was theft. It was an inside job. 

Well Karma is a bitch! Cause all this free stuff I used to get from my friends that worked at the mall was no different than a heroine dealer giving someone their first hit for free. It started a pattern of use that I couldn't break for years. And it was a very destructive path. It wasn't long before my friends didn't have that job anymore (no surprise since they were giving away so much stuff to their friends), so from my junior year all through college, I went broke as I spent all of my money on supplements and bodybuilding programs. I even maxed out credit cards that, at the time, I could barely make the minimum payments on. 

BUT...It was this pattern of behavior that helped educate me the hard way. It also made me NOT such a big fan of the supplement industry as a whole. 

And it's based on one massive lie. 

The Big Supplement Lie 

Here is generally how every supplement advertisement goes:

Take this [insert supplement] to look like this [insert bodybuilder, fitness model, or celebrity].

In reality, the vast majority of these bodybuilders, fitness models, and celebrities don't even use these products. The bodybuilders (and physique models) use a combination of oral and injectable drugs (growth hormone, steroids, clenbuterol, thyroid enhancers, insulin, etc) to separate their physiques from the rest of us.

And don't fool yourself when it comes to fitness models and celebrities. They use some of those things, too. And that's on top of whatever cosmetic surgical help they get. 

Plus...we can't discount all of their personal genetic potential. 

But come on! Do you really believe that this powder is the reason this they are so big? Or that this pill is the reason they are so lean?

The sad reality is that marketers know that we are all hungry and desperate to improve and they manipulate us. Let's face it...we are suckers!

The supplement industry has just followed suit with what the cosmetic and beauty industry as been doing for years. Use this [makeup] to look like this [photo shopped model and paid spokesman].

Supplement Reality Check

The majority of supplements are an emotional placebo, making us believe that we are more productive and progressing faster towards our goals.

Here's the truth: While certain supplements can help, they will NOT build you a great physiques or transform your body. Most are, in fact, a complete waste of money. 

You know what builds a great physique and transforms a body?

  • Proper training,
  • Proper nutrition, 
  • A good lifestyle....
  • and TIME!

Don't Be This Person!

How many times have I someone settles on the FLAVOR and PRICE they prefer, without regard to any actual benefits.


And DEFINITELY don't be the one who settles on a new product line because their favorite bodybuilder, physique competitor, fitness model, or celebrity is now endorsing it. The only true reason any of them jump on board is because they were offered money to be the spokesman for that brand.

I am able to justify virtually all of the supplements I use. I know which ones are helping or not helping. When I remove them, I notice either a negative difference or no difference.

And I've learned to lean towards supplement companies that spend more money on product development and research rather than paid spokesmen and exaggerated and deceptive advertising.

That's The POWER I Want YOU To Have!

Now, if you're someone who simply takes supplements because you enjoy the mental benefit then so be it. If you truly BELIEVE you're making better progress because of your supplements, then I'm not here to stop that.

Just make sure you're being honest with yourself.

Hey Jim...Wait! I've Seen You Promote Supplements.

With all of the above being said, some may find it surprising that I do stand behind a few supplement lines like BioTrust, EXOS, Genuine Health, and even some of the bigger names.

Am I just a hypocritical sell-out trying to make a commission?

I can promise you that's not the case. 

My job is to educate you on your best path to better health, fitness, and the fastest body transformations possible. And supplements do have their part. Just because most of the industry is corrupt doesn't mean we throw out the baby with the bath water. I help cut through the crap to get you to the gems. 

But don't just take my word for it. Check out any of the Research & Development information from any of the companies I give a thumbs up so you can decide for yourself.

And if you've noticed in the past, even if I like I company, I'll never just hawk their new products as they come out. Just because I endorse a company doesn't mean I endorse every product they make. They still have to prove themselves to me, too...with each and every new product they make.

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