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Is it Genetics? Or is it You?

Do you feel too heavy?
Too skinny?
Can't lose or gain weight?
Must be your genetics....right?


I've met too many people that think they are limited by their genetics when, in reality, what they’re limited by is their lifestyle.

To transform your body, you don’t need great genetics. You DO need to:

  • train hard, 
  • train smart, 
  • eat right, 
  • and be consistent.

Basically, you must excel in all the lifestyle areas that you CAN control.

You can not control your genetics. Yes, they may determine how well and how far your body will respond to your efforts. BUT they do NOT control what you CAN or CAN'T do!

Why am I calling bullshit on the "it's because of my genetics" excuse?

Because I've heard too many people rely on this limiting belief. It's just an easy justification for the amount of effort you are willing to put towards your desired goal.

I've also seen too many people conquer their genetic makeup. I've done it. And I've seen it in scores of others. I’ve helped a ton of men and women who thought they were genetically destined to be skinny or fat achieve their goals.

It's simple. Not easy. But simple. Usually all it takes is just fixing a few things they're doing wrong and then they execute these fixes with consistency. Its a formula that works just about every time.

The Genetically-Inferior Approach

If you don't have great genetics, you have to take a different approach. You can't train haphazardly and still make tremendous gains. You can't eat however you want and still build muscle or shed fat.

Yes, the genetically superior can...and they usually can do it at a pace that makes us feel inferior, jealous, envious, frustrated, etc... 

WHO CARES!?!?!?!?!?

The only person you need to be concerned with is YOU. 

You vs. You.

If you are trying to be the best body in your gym or have the best selfie on Instagram, you'll lose EVERY TIME. There's ALWAYS going to be someone bigger, leaner, stronger, and better than you.

SO WHAT if it takes you a little longer to build muscle? 
SO WHAT if someone can get ripped in half the time that you can?
SO WHAT if you have to put in more effort and be smarter about it?

WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?

Body transformations aren't under the socialism umbrella. Not everything is "fair". But I can promise you one rule that is universal...

You WILL get out of it what you put into it. The harder you train, the better you eat, and the smarter and more consistent that you do so...the better YOU will become.

You CAN transform your body!
You CAN build more muscle!
You CAN burn more fat!

And if you think you can't? Well just throw those beliefs out!

Unless you have a terminal disease, there is no reason you can't make the changes you desire.

If, like me, you were born with the genetics to be a fat guy, you’re not doomed to remain chubby.  And if you were born with genetics to be skinny, you’re not doomed to remain that way, either.

But you do need to be more scientific and strategic.  
You need to be more disciplined. 
You need to want it more. 
And You need to work smarter AND harder CONSISTENTLY. 

Now stop reading and go put your plan into action.

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Jim Cipriani, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Fitness Author, Fitness Spokesperson, Online Personal Trainer
Jim Cipriani, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Fitness Author, Fitness Spokesperson, Online Personal Trainer
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You're limited by your lifestyle, not your genetics
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