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Are They Really Drug Free?

BOY....how times have changed!!!

When I competed back in the 90s and early 2000s, I remember I could walk into any gym and always have one of the best physiques in there. These days I don't feel like I stand out at all. For a time I just thought it was just me getting older, the fact that I'm not in contest condition, and I wasn't as sharp as I once was.

But when I'm alone at home I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking "damn you still look good!" :) 

Why the difference?

Then I realized, I haven't changed that dramatically...everyone else has. There are A LOT more people working out now that have pretty damn good physiques. 

Why so many now compared to what existed just a decade ago? 
Is it that more people working out? 
Is it that nutrition information is so much better? 
Is it that supplements have improved?

All of these are a possibility...but not the MAIN reason.

The major change is due to the increased recreational use of steroids. 

YES, steroids, have always been around. But there are more "average Joes" using them now then ever before. And who can blame them?

The fitness industry is a HUGE business. Very influential. And unregulated! Although this is not always true, but if someone is ridiculously muscular and shredded and making a substantial amount of income from the fitness industry, it’s safe to suspect steroids. It's also save to assume that they are being looked up to and emulated. 

It pays to be big, strong and ripped these days!

Now even the "average Joe" can put on some muscle and try to get some attention through YouTube. The Internet has made it possible for anybody to put a bunch of videos up, call themself an expert, and spew out whatever they want you to believe. Which is all fine and good. Whatever. BUT...there is one group of "frauds" out there that really get my goat....

the Steroid-Using-Fake-Natural (aka - “Fake Nattys”).

They say they are natural, but they aren’t. 

You can basically throw these people into one of two categories:

1) They are NOT jacked up steroid freaks like the pros. BUT they DO take enough just to give them enhanced results...and give you a complex.

2) Those who ARE jacked up steroid freaks, but their genetics aren't great and train like crap. So they don’t get massively huge, but still their results are greatly influenced...and it still gives you a complex. 

You follow these guys advice and wonder why you don’t get their results.

The trick to seeing through the fake nattys is to know the signs that you’re dealing with one. A few traits to look for:

  • lots of pimples past puberty, especially on the back
  • thin skin, sometimes often with a reddish hue to it
  • gynocemastia...aka - bitch tits
  • shoulders that are unnaturally muscular, capped out, and oversized compared to the rest of their physique (My guess is due to the shoulders getting stimulated just about every time you grab a weight. More stimulus, more growth potential. And steroids certainly help with recovery and growth.)
  • oversized traps (see above reason)
  • forearm development doesn't match the rest of their growth (Another guess is that this is due to shitty training techniques where they rely a lot on machine work rather than free weights. Hence, they don't work their grip as much).

Now...I'm not here to try to degrade anyone or piss anyone off. I have nothing against those who wants to use steroids. That is their business. But I do have issue with those who want to go on "the juice" or use "gear" and then claim to be natural. 


Probably because I have taken great pride in being a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder. And as a personal trainer, I continue to have to battle some of the nonsense that is promoted by these frauds. It is frustrating at times.

Don't get fooled into following one of these frauds.

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Jim Cipriani, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Fitness Author, Fitness Spokesperson, Online Personal Trainer
Jim Cipriani, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Fitness Author, Fitness Spokesperson, Online Personal Trainer
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Not all those claiming to be drug free are telling the truth
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