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Do NOT Hire This Type of Trainer

Let me ask you something...do you go to your personal dentist's office, sit down in the chair, grab a mirror and a drill and start working on your own teeth?

Sounds nuts...right?

Then you’ve got to wonder why anyone would think it’s a good idea to walk into any gym or health club, grab a weight and apply force to their joints...hoping some of it gets directed into your muscles.

When it comes to a achieving a total body transformation, resistance training is key! But I'm a firm believer that you shouldn’t pump iron without some expert guidance. If you've ever read my homepage, you know that finding a good trainer can be a real challenge. The personal training industry is inundated with poor to average trainers. And sadly, certification doesn’t equal qualification.

Many certifications can be obtained easily online or within a weekend, and the preparation courses teach REALLY outdated exercise and nutrition advice. Even a degree in exercise physiology does not mean the trainer knows how to help you transform your body!

Working for a gym or having years of experience doesn’t guarantee your trainer knows what he’s doing either. Most gyms survive by upselling personal training packages, not on their cheap, $10 a month memberships (you get what you pay for). If you happen to meet any of the few that jump into this field of work that has been able to make a career at it, they’re likely to be more of a great salesperson than a kick-ass trainer. And if a big box gym is selling lots of training, they need to fulfill on those packages, so a lot of them hire novice trainers to do it.

The best trainers have one mission...

No...it's not to make you fully exhausted and unable to walk the next day.
No...it not chit chat during a session, wasting your time and money.
YES...It IS to get you to your goal safely and with endless progress.

When searching out a personal trainer, look for someone with a solid track record who has helped others achieve the results you want. Look for testimonials, before and after pictures, online reviews, and references. And make sure the trainer is one that NEVER stops learning! They should be staying up up-to-date on the latest science, as it is always teaching us something new. 

It's even beneficial if you find out that trainer has his/her own coach/mentor.

If you are working with a trainer now (or do so in the future), you should only keep a trainer who comes to the session with the attitude that every minute counts! An if they aren't delivering that kind of value, you get a dollar back for each minute wated. You're paying $60 per session and they show up 15 minutes late? That should be a $45 session. They’re rambling about nothing for 10 minutes? That's $10 off. 

Find the trainer that has the mentality of servicing your goals. 

If you aren’t yet one of my clients, then take this opportunity to do something wonderful for yourself. Contact me today to get started on the most effective fitness program that you’ll ever find. (Time slot availability is extremely limited).

Be sure to check out all my training and diet tips on the Cutting Edge Facebook Page. You don't want to miss out! You'll find that you learn a lot. I post daily!

James Cipriani
Cutting Edge Personal Training
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Jim Cipriani, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Fitness Author, Fitness Spokesperson, Online Personal Trainer
Jim Cipriani, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Fitness Author, Fitness Spokesperson, Online Personal Trainer
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